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Donate to #FightforChicago with The Bloc

Each donation helps a teen fight for excellence.

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Bring hope.

You have heard an incomplete narrative about Chicago's West Side. While it can't be denied that poverty is high, educational attainment is low, and violent crime is prevalent, it is even more important to recognize the potential of this community.

Against this backdrop, countless young people are working tirelessly for their futures. They are talented, driven, and hopeful, but work without the resources that many take for granted. Some of the country's most gifted people grow up in neighborhoods like this, and without the right relationships and opportunities, their talents may never be recognized. The Bloc serves these young people.

The sport of boxing attracts youth who want to face their problems head on. Because of this, they are primed for growth. Once in the gym, we connect our boxers to tutoring, technology training, and paid internships with our corporate partners. When we do this, we broaden the ambitions of our kids, breakdown the misconceptions that follow them, and unify a divided city.

All donations are tax-deductible and help build a game-changing program. Funds donated through this link will be used to secure, equip, and staff a permanent location for The Bloc!

Please make checks out to The Bloc and mail to:

The Bloc

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