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Provide Stability and Support to Chicago Youth

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COVID-19 has not impacted all communities equally. Fighters in The Bloc are significantly more likely to be impacted by COVID deaths, and our communities will suffer longest from the economic downturn. Resources are urgently needed to support our most vulnerable populations.

To meet the need created by this crisis and respond to an unprecedented level of trauma, you can support West Side youth in three ways during the outbreak:

1. Deliver supplies and equipment to fighters to engage them in online check-ins and training

Support the physical and mental wellness of our fighters and give them a gateway to ask for help. We are delivering workout equipment to homes to maintain physical fitness and keep our lines of communication open. Online boxing training gives us the ability to check-in and connect our fighters to resources to sustain their spirits and support their families.

2. Extend our programming hours during the Phase 1 loosening of stay-at-home orders.

Phase 1 guidelines allow gyms to open with strict social distancing measures. This means to keep fighters and families safe, we must stagger training times to limit the size of each group. Tripling programming hours will increase expenses significantly. It's worth it. It will impact futures. It can save lives.

3. Provide jobs to Bloc alumni to assist with programming.

Many of our fighters have returned home from college to difficult situations. Hiring alumni alleviates uncertainty and builds job skills while providing younger members with the best mentors possible.

Join the fight so our youth don't have to fight alone.